Women Against Rape, Their Allies And Dupes, Lie To The World

December 2, 2014: Women Against Rape hold a meeting at the Palace of Westminster.

Held in Committee Room 10 of the House of Commons, Jail Rapists NOT Rape Victims was a lie-fest par excellence.

A nearly 18 minute video clip of the meeting was uploaded to the Women Against Rape YouTube channel on August 3, 2016. Here is an edit of the full clip, and here is an unedited archived version.

First let me deal with the edit; this is a woman who works with female offenders expounding what might be called the great feminist narrative, not simply that women never lie about rape and should always be believed uncritically but that women never do bad stuff, and if on the off-chance one does, it was not her fault but the fault of a man, the patriarchy, etc.

Every single female criminal she has met - without exception - has been a victim of sexual and/or domestic violence, and every woman who attacks a man - husband/partner - has done so out of fear of violence being used against her or in self-defence. This is a truly amazing claim as well as a venal one.

Letís put that one to bed with a few names from this database:

Jane Andrews murdered her lover as he slept.
Marissa DeVault murdered her husband for money.
Emma Humphreys stabbed her lover through the heart as he lay on his back.
Zoora Shah poisoned her lover at the second attempt.

Now, very briefly letís look at the other speakers:

We start with Lisa Longstaff, arch-liar and fanatic who begins by claiming 85% of rapes are not reported – again, how does she know? – and arguing in effect that there is no such thing as a false allegation. The other statistics she spouts are just as venal and self-serving.

Cristel Amiss peddles the spiel of ASYLUM SNEAKERS being victims of rape instead of (overwhelming) liars as confirmed here.

Next up is the mother of rape liar Layla Ibrahim.

Most outrageously we hear from a bloke who is said to be the partner of Rhiannon Brooker, who pleads her innocence. Read what the Court of Appeal said about this head case before you listen to any of his flim-flam. And a word of caution, dude, donít think she wonít accuse you if you incur her ire for some trivial reason. His reference to a fictitious disorder is actually a factitious disorder.

Next up is Gail Sherwood, who is clearly not right in the head. Donít believe a word she says.

Asylum sneaker Verna Joseph claims to have been raped in her native Saint Lucia, which in a roundabout way was the excuse she used when she was caught smuggling drugs into the UK. A mother of eight, no less, her ninth baby, which was born in the UK, was taken away from her in hospital for its own good. She claims to have been raped in the UK as well.

Although I donít believe a word that comes out of this womanís mouth, I am not including her in this database as a false rape accuser, but here is the judgment, read it and make up your own mind about her credibility.

Next up is idiot MP John MacDonnell who swallows this piffle hook, line and sinker.

We hear next from a male lawyer (who acted for Rhiannon Brooker) and professional liar Lisa Avalos of the sisterhood of lies. This airhead doesnít want any false accuser to face prosecution, ever. Not that she concedes there are any such creatures.

Finally, we hear from members of the audience including Claire Glasman of WinVisible who is more concerned with disabled women, including women who are not right in the head, but she does make a valid point about a related issue.

Nutter Peter Saunders and Communist fellow traveller Nina Lopez speak; fortunately, Saunders was cut off, but you can listen to some of his insane drivel here.

Another woman spouts the usual vacuous statistics, this time about women who are clearly not right in the head, although she does not of course use that term. She appears to imply that psychotic women are just as credible as non-psychotic women.

Next up is the first woman to whom we alluded, the prison worker.

Prostitute Niki Adams rails at the persecution of harlots by the police. A good point. Legalise prostitution and let whores make an honest if sordid living.

Finally, Nicola Mann is a regular spokeswoman for Women Against Rape, so donít expect her to say anything intelligent. She claims to have been raped but not to have got justice, a claim that may or may not be true, but in the absence of strong evidence either way, weíll have to give her the benefit of the doubt. We should not though do the same for the people who organised and presented this wilfully disingenuous meeting.

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