National Association for People Abused in Childhood — Brief Background


May 29, 1998: The National Association for People Abused in Childhood is registered with the Charity Commission.

The bloke behind NAPAC, Peter Saunders, is a raving nutter. Here is a slightly whimsical view of this self-styled survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

On a more serious note, here is the charity’s chief executive Gabrielle Shaw talking to the Belfast Telegraph on August 4, 2015, concerning the ludicrous investigation into Edward Heath for historical sex crimes. Heath, who died in 2005, served as Prime Minister of England from 1970 to 1974. Here is the prosaic truth about Ted Heath.

Listen though to what this stupid woman says, people have been telling NAPAC about him for years: a fantasist followed by a nutter followed by an attention seeker followed by a lunatic...

Note too what she says about one allegation prompting another, and so on, as though this is evidence of an evil presence rather than of lunacy. The bottom line is that there is no credible evidence that Heath was the member of a paedophile ring, nor that this VIP ring ever existed, and no evidence he ever sexually abused anyone, much less tortured and murdered kids as claimed by these lunatics and professional hucksters.

Likewise, probably the vast majority of NAPAC’s clients are either delusional or have suffered some trivial sexual abuse that is best forgotten. Such organisations do far more harm than good by encouraging these people, that is if they do any good at all.

Here is Peter Saunders on the BBC television programme The Big Questions in January 2016; under discussion at the moment are the allegations against the recently deceased Greville Janner.

This is a long story but it is my belief there was compelling evidence that Janner had sexually abused - or more accurately sexually exploited - one underage boy. Then, once the allegation was publicised, another accuser materialised, then another, then another...

Janner’s family insist that he was totally innocent, and it is difficult to credit most of the allegations, but whatever the merits of any of them, listen to Saunders. He looks like a lunatic and certainly talks like one. What exactly is a “Holly Cost”, and are a billion children worldwide abused sexually or otherwise every year? In 2014 and 2015, NAPAC received over half a million pounds from the Big Lottery Fund. Is it right that money raised from the public should be used to fund this kind of lunacy?

In August 2019. a stunning revelation was made about NAPAC founder Saunders. In February 2008, he met a woman, a so-called survivor of childhood sexual abuse, in Manchester. They ended up in a restaurant, in a restaurant toilet to be precise. Shortly after this sordid encounter, she accused him of rape.

Wisely, the CPS decided to take no action against him, though perhaps the police should have given her a warning at least.

If Saunders didn’t know better then, he should have known better since, instead he and his perfidious organisation have championed false accusers including fantasist Carl Beech whose living victims included Harvey Proctor.

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