Jane Andrews

September 17/8, 2000: Thomas Cressman is murdered in his London home by his lover Jane Andrews. He was both battered with a cricket bat and stabbed. This case generated massive publicity primarily because Andrews had previously been employed by the Duchess of York; stunningly attractive, she is also a HEAD CASE.

Her trial for the murder of Mr Cressman opened at the Central Criminal Court on April 23, 2001. Herein she accused him of raping her, a TYPICAL FEMININE LIE in such cases. The jury didnít buy her sob story; Cressman had given her a home and been very good to her, but decided he didnít want to marry her.

Andrews had the audacity to appeal her conviction, and was not short of supporters, the usual ragbag mob of wimmin who claimed in effect that her victim deserved it. By the time her appeal was heard, in September 2003, her allegations of sexual abuse had expanded to other men, including one of her own brothers. Consider this from the 49 paragraph appeal judgment with reference to Mr Cressman:

ďIn the spring of 1999 she told him that she had been sexually abused as a child, and he arranged for her to see Christine Yawetz, a chartered psychologist and psychotherapist, who saw the appellant on three occasions in April and May 1999.Ē

Do these sound like the actions of an abusive partner? She tells him she was sexually abused as a child, this abuse is still bothering her, and this quite wealthy man seeks out (and pays) for professional help.

It really is pathetic the way some people, including so-called mental health professionals, bend over backwards, forwards and sideways to portray women like Andrews as victims just because they are women and reasonably attractive. Thankfully, like the jury, Lord Justice Kennedy didnít buy her sob story, and having appeared before the old goat myself, I canít say Iím surprised.

Not so thankfully, Andrews was sent to an open prison from which she absconded in November 2009, and in spite of this was parolled in 2015 to the understandable fury of the Cressman family. The following year she was reported to be looking for a wealthy lover on a dating website using the screen name Ladyjane1967.

In July 2018, it was reported that Andrews had been recalled to prison for allegedly harassing a former lover. Give this one a miss, dude.

Above: Jane Andrews with her victim, Thomas Cressman.

An interesting aside here, Thomas Cressman was buried in the family plot at the famous Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California. His mother, who buried him, was the daughter of a Hollywood photographic director.

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