Rhiannon Brooker as bad as they come

May 24, 2011: Law graduate Rhiannon Brooker attends a West Country hospital where she tells the police she has been physically assaulted and raped. On June 26, 2014, she is given a three and a half year sentence at Bristol Crown Court for perverting the course of justice. Her victim, Paul Fensome, had been accused of sexually violating her multiple times, physically assaulting her, and forcing her to miscarry. He spent 36 days in custody before the truth came out. Incredibly and sickeningly, the pressure group Women Against Rape championed her case. Read what they said about her here then read what the Court of Appeal said, then ask yourself what planet they are living on.

You will notice also that at paragraph 26 she had accused her own father of sexually abusing her as a child. The usual spiel from the sisterhood in cases like this, is that the woman made the false rape allegation because of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, but the real question is if as in this case she went to such extreme lengths to frame a totally innocent man for no rational reason, why should we believe her claims of childhood sexual abuse either? Here is an interview with Paul Fensome. And here is some commentary by the anti-feminist vlogger Mundane Matt.

File the demented and toxic Rhiannon Brooker under DEDICATED FABRICATION, arguably the worst one in this database.

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