Emma Humphreys — Prostitute, Murderess, Feminist Icon


February 25, 1985: In Nottingham, Trevor Armitage is murdered by teenage prostitute Emma Humphreys. This is a classic case of feminist revisionism, not reinterpreting history in the light of new facts or any other bona fide reason, but tearing up the existing documents and inventing new facts to conform to the narrative of women can do no evil, ever.

Humphreys was convicted of murder in December 1985, and because of her age was ordered to be detained during Her Majesty’s Pleasure. She appealed the following year but soon abandoned that appeal. After she read about other women getting away with murder, she contacted a feminist organisation, and a fresh appeal was launched. In spite of its having no merit at all, her murder conviction was quashed, a conviction for manslaughter was substituted, and she walked free, time served.

Here is the judgment; in places it is worded poorly with regard to dates, but the murder was February and the trial, December. You will note that the word rape does not appear anywhere in the text; Armitage is said to have used the phrase gang bang, but there is no context given, eg was it a drunken joke? If he had indeed used this phrase, and if Humphreys had taken it to mean an intention to rape, she could have simply walked away. Let us be clear about this, there was no claim of rape at the time, but years later the misnamed Justice For Women invented these claims, obviously with the connivance of Humphreys herself.

Emma Clare Humphreys died three years after her release from a drug overdose, possibly accidental. She has now become a feminist icon with a memorial prize named after her, instead of being recognised as the dangerous, deranged, cold-blooded killer she was.

The terse letter below speaks volumes, and indeed the reader will find many similar examples in this database: Jane Andrews, Patricia Esparza and Zoora Shah to name but three.

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And would you believe one of her mad friends actually dedicated a song to her?

File this attention-seeking, serial false accusing head case under PRETEXT FOR MURDER.


The above letter was published in the London Times, July 14, 1995.

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