SALLY CHALLEN — Murder In Suburbia

August 14, 2010: Sally Challen murders her estranged husband Richard at his Claygate home.

This is an extraordinary case, not for the actual murder but for the way the people who run the criminal justice system in England allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by TWO MAN-HATING LESBIANS on a mission.

Challen was rightly convicted of murder and given the mandatory life sentence with a tariff of 22 years, reduced to 18 years on appeal. The reader will note that in this judgment there is no mention of any sort of physical abuse.

The first mention of a rape allegation in NewsBank is March 1, 2018. The following day, the odious Julie Bindel was given space by The Independent to spout her poison. Contemporaneous reports state that Richard Challen was living in the marital home after their separation - a separation she initiated. The eldest of their two sons was living with him; their younger son with her.

At her trial in June 2011, she was prosecuted by Caroline Carberry, later a QC. The prosecution case was simple - this was a murder committed by a jealous woman who couldnít accept the fact that her marriage was over.

Sally Challen kept a diary which made no mention of physical abuse, although it does give an insight into her state of mind. After Bindel and her lover Harriet Wistrich managed to engineer her second and quite spurious appeal, her sons went over the top describing how abusive their father was. At the time of their motherís trial, they were far more reserved.

At trial, her barrister ran a defence of diminished responsibility. A full discussion of this legal fiction would take us too far afield, it will suffice to say that it was brought about by Sidney Silverman and his gang in their fight to abolish capital punishment.

In 2015, so-called mental health professionals identified dependent personality disorder, ie it was voted into existence. A mental disorder is not an illness, indeed it is not even a disorder, rather it is a description of behaviour.

According to Bindel, Challen contacted her and Wistrich in (early) 2018. Clearly the rape allegations were invented by, probably Bindel and then disclosed to Wistrich in order to bolster the chance of a successful appeal and acquittal at a retrial. Sadly, the appeal was successful, and even more sadly, Challen was allowed to walk free after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Feminist revisionism has led to the demonisation of the victim, and if Sally Challen isnít quite a saint, then she is now portrayed as a battered woman, a survivor of domestic abuse. Unlike her late husband, who did not survive her domestic abuse.

Here is a very short excerpt from Challenís interview with the gullible Cathy Newman in which she mentions the imaginary rapes. The 8 minute 40 second clip was uploaded to YouTube by Channel 4 News on September 23, 2019.

And here is the archived version of the full clip.

In said interview, Newman asked Challen two hard questions: why did she put the hammer in her handbag, and why did she not raise the issue of abuse at the time?

Challen pleaded amnesia to the hammer, but of course, that one act implies premeditation, as someone pointed out cynically with the cartoon below. And the domestic abuse including the alleged rapes were not raised at the time because they did not happen at the time. They were invented at the instigation of Bindel and Wistrich. Ordinarily, such fresh evidence would not be allowed in an appeal because it is not fresh, and the allegations should have been made at the first trial. Challen said her legal team advised her not to speak ill of the dead. They might also have counselled her against committing perjury.

If you dear reader still have any doubts, re-read the appeal judgment and ask yourself if this was a case of coercive control, who was controlling whom? It was she who asked a neighbour to spy on him, it was she who hacked into his e-mails, and not vice versa. The author of this ludicrous 2019 article doesnít seem to have read the memo.

One final point, regarding the mischief of Bindel and Wistrich, check out to begin with the cases of Emma Humphreys (their star catch) and Jane Andrews.

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