RODNEY ANDERSON — Stay Away From Drunk Women

December 4, 2017: At Norman, Oklahoma, Courtney Thornton tells police she was raped by Rodney Anderson of the Oklahoma Sooners football team. On November 15/6!

Here is Assistant District Attorney Susan Caswell setting the record straight. One more time guys, stay away from drunk women. And if you go anywhere near a woman who vomits, you’re the one who is sick.

This is one of the most important cases in this database because here we have actual physical evidence of what happens when women drink too much, whether or not alcohol is mixed with drugs, be they recreational or prescription.

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To recap, women do not have the same capacity for imbibing alcohol as men, not that men should get stoned out of their heads either.

What can and often does happen is that a woman can appear to be totally sober and in control, but her short term memory does not transfer into long term memory.

As in the above case, this can lead to a woman recovering fragmented memories days, months, years, or even decades later. These memories are often incomplete, and without extremely strong corroboration, totally unreliable.

For more detail about rape allegations involving alcohol and/or drugs, see my live hangout The Three Dís Of False Rape Allegations, ie drink, drugs & delay.

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