AMANDA BARROW — Strangers On A Train

June 28, 2018: Amanda Barrow does something unthinkable on a train at Aldermaston. This is not a false rape allegation or false anything, but rather is a salutary lesson for women about the dangers of excessive drinking.

As will be seen from this report, this far from young woman was on a train when she performed a sex act on a man she did not know. Exactly what this sex act was is not specified, but clearly it involved either her hand or her mouth. The act was witnessed by a teenage girl, who called the police. Hmm.

The really important part is that after she was traced, Barrow claimed to have no memory of this incident. If you donít believe her, you can say it proves yet again that women will lie about sexual matters, including rape.

On the other hand, if you do believe her, and I think there is little doubt she was indeed telling the truth, then it raises another and potentially more serious issue, namely, how many women drink to excess, have sex with strangers or men they hardly know, forget about it, then have flashbacks that may lead to them accusing their assignations of rape?

If this sounds far fetched, it is not at all, not in the slightest, and in this connnection I offer the following:

The Rodney Anderson case from Norman, Oklahoma, December 4, 2017.

The ACPO report of November 2006 which destroys the myth of packs of serial rapists drugging women in order to have their way with them.

See also my live hangout on The Three Dís Of False Rape Allegations - drink, drugs & delay.

One final thought, the bloke in this sordid hook up wasnít arrested, nor does he appear to have been sought by the police, but imagine what would have been the reaction if he had done something similar to her or indeed to any strange woman on a train. Nuff said!

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