FARIEISSIA MARTIN — Yet Another Scam By Justice For Women

November 21, 2014: In the small hours, Farieissia Martin stabs Kyle Farrell through the heart.

Her conviction for murder at Liverpool Crown Court the following June was reported somewhat tersely by the BBC. Note though what the senior female detective said: there had been physical and verbal abuse from both sides in the past.

The first mention of a rape I could find in print is in this prolix article from the Guardian. You can also listen to it on Spotify if you can tolerate the whining voice of the narrator.

As might be expected, said article is a typical feminist victim narrative. It is clear what happened. This woman came home from a drinking session, got into an altercation with her lover, stabbed him through the heart, then after calling the police, fed them a bullshit story about him being attacked by an intruder, something that was never going to wash, especially as the neighbours had heard them arguing.

What has happened since is Bindel and Wistrich rewrote the history of the case the same way they did with another murderess, Sally Challen.

The Challen case is actually mentioned herein, and like Challen, Martin pleads amnesia. Toxic Sally couldnít remember putting the murder weapon in her handbag, and Toxic Farieissia canít remember delivering the fatal blow. All very convenient.

Pathetic though this apologia for murder by Sophie Elmhirst may be, it contains one damning admission, namely Martin is not quite the little angel her supporters would have us believe. In 2010, as a teenager, she got involved in a brawl that was started over a triviality, then ended up behind bars after blotting her copybook again.

It remains to be seen how much of the violence detailed by Elmhirst was two-way and how much totally imaginary, but it makes a mockery of justice that lying hags like Wistrich especially are permitted to slander the dead in such fashion in order to take a worthless case to the Court Of Appeal.

According to Gabriella Swerling writing for the on-line Daily Telegraph, December 3, 2019, Martin was also raped when she was 15. Yeah, sure.

This woman canít even keep out of trouble in prison.

File Farieissia Martin under PRETEXT FOR MURDER.

Sadly, in December 2020, her murder conviction was quashed on the most spurious of pretexts, and she was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter. In May 2021, she was given a ten year sentence, which meant she would soon be released.

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