Kenyan sex workers using HIV drugs instead of condoms

May 7, 2014: The Guardian publishes Kenyan sex workers using HIV drugs instead of condoms, an interesting article co-written by a black woman, apparently a native of Kenya.

It remains to be seen how accurate it is, but from our perspective its most interesting claim is undoubtedly true; prostitutes in Kenya who seek access to certain drugs claim routinely to have been raped:

“Over the past decade, Kenya has significantly improved post-rape care, and medical professionals regularly provide Pep treatment. To maximise uptake, neither women who have been raped nor health workers need to report the crime to the police, but this lack of regulation leaves the system prone to abuse.”

The reader is invited to compare the above with this broadcast relating to the situation in the Congo where women and girls were invited - albeit unconsciously - to make false allegations in return for food.

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