The GW Hatchet Case

October 31, 1990: A white student is not raped by two men on the campus at George Washington University. The claim that she was appeared initially in the student newspaper GW Hatchet. The phantom assailants were described as having “particularly bad body odor”, they laughed at the victim, and one said “You were pretty good for a white girl.”

The author of the hoax was soon revealed: “independent rape counselor” Mariam Kashani. Needless to say, black students in particular were not amused, especially as an accomplice made a phone call posing as a police officer to confirm the allegation. File this one under both CAMPUS ACCUSER/FEMINIST BRAINWASHING and PROFESSIONAL LIAR.

In 2007, a Jewess studying at this university claimed to have been targeted by a hate campaign - some anonymous individual drawing swastikas on her door. You guessed, she was doing it herself. She was caught out by a concealed camera. And the response? She needed help.

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