The Ghomeshi Conspiracy

November 26, 2014: In Canada, Jian Ghomeshi is charged with four counts of sexual assault. This case does not involve allegations of actual rape, but it has to be included in this database for a number of reasons.

In the first place, some people believe Ghomeshi was accused of rape; some have branded him a rapist anyway; and not a few still believe him to be one in spite of his emphatic acquittal. The demonstrably false allegations against him received massive publicity, and although all the hags who testified at his trial were shown to have lied repeatedly, they and their supporters have continued to portray themselves as the real victims.

The most important reason for its inclusion though is that along with the case of Tyler Kost earlier the same year, the Ghomeshi case is the vanguard of a new and extremely sinister type of false allegation: CONSPIRACY through social media.

Ghomeshi was a popular and charismatic radio host in Canada - in spite of being a male feminist - but his troubles began in 2010 when he was accused of sexually harassing a colleague, Kathryn Borel, since 2007. At one time if a woman was sexually harassed so, she would slap the guy’s face or take some other humiliating action, and that would be the end of it, but Borel had to play the damsel. It may be that this sexual harassment was no more than the usual horseplay that goes on in mixed offices of a certain type. If you have seen footage of Borel you will probably agree with that statement, but his troubles got worse when the Toronto Star began looking into allegations by a former girlfriend that they had engaged in non-consensual rough sex which appears to mean violence during the sex act rather than rape.

There followed allegations by failed actress Lucy DeCoutere, and a number of others including at least one man. Ghomeshi is said to be bisexual, so no one should be surprised. This would lead to four charges of sexual assault and one of overcoming sexual resistance by choking. Further counts were added, and eventually he would stand trial in February 2016.

All the allegations against Ghomeshi were historical in nature, which meant he was in deep trouble, or he would have been if he had not kept e-mails dating back a decade and more, and other correspondence.

Here is the full judgment in the acquittal of Jian Ghomeshi in which all his accusers were exposed as damned liars. Predictably the sisterhood has continued to defend these women, in spite of their perjury being so blatant. Had Ghomeshi not kept those e-mails he would have lost not simply his reputation but his freedom, perhaps for many years.

The judgment is quite long, but DeCoutere’s cyber messages at paragraphs 83-4 and the handwritten missive alluded to at paragraph 85 will give the reader an insight into how baseless these allegations were.

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