The Tyler Kost Conspiracy

April 30, 2014: Arizona teen Tyler Kost is arrested on suspicion of serial rape. Like the Jian Ghomeshi scandal in Canada, this case was a shocking conspiracy rooted in social media, even more shocking in that it involved allegations of actual rape, and because of the ages of the girls concerned.

Kost was accused of sexual activity from October 2009; he was born January 5, 1996, so do the math. In Arizona, the age of consent is a shockingly high eighteen, but there are Romeo and Juliet exceptions, so things can get complicated. Much of what has been written about the case of Tyler Kost is inaccurate; the two videos linked below are probably as close to the truth as we can get.

In February 2017, Kost was given a three year sentence, and the following week walked free time served. It remains to be seen how this case would have played out in the UK, but without the social media records this kid would almost certainly never have seen daylight again. Having said that, he is clearly not entirely blameless.


This is a news report.

This is his attorney speaking after the case; my apologies for the poor quality.

Above: the baby-faced Tyler Kost - victim of a shocking conspiracy by a gaggle of Lolitas.

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