Danmell Ndonye — The Hofstra Hoax


September 13, 2009: The notorious Hofstra University gang-rape hoax. A student named Danmell Ndonye claims to have been raped by no fewer than five attackers in a dormitory bathroom. Four of her victims are arrested and held for nearly four days before the truth comes out: she had group sex voluntarily, and sordid though this may have been, one of the group had the presence of mind to or for some other reason filmed the encounter, or part of it, on his mobile phone. Which begs the question, what would have happened if he hadn’t? The District Attorney declined to press charges, but Ndonye was ordered to submit herself to mental health treatment and to undergo community service.

This lengthy article from the excellent False Rape Society (later Community Of The Wrongly Accused) blogspot covers the case in considerable depth.

See also this video at 15 minutes; note too the narrative. Writing for the feminist website Jezebel, Anna North said the lesson we should learn from this case is that rape and false rape allegations are part of the same problem: rape culture. What rape culture might that be? Yet again, women are always blameless.

File teen slut Danmell under AIN’T NUTHIN’ LIKE A GANG BANG.

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