Why Is It So Difficult To Believe 25 Women?


June 10, 2015: I put out the above at the height of the Cosby hysteria. It is a compilation taken exclusively from YouTube, if I recall. With my commentary, of course.

Here is the main link for the video.

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Not all the false accusers listed therein can be found on the Timeline, but there is a lot of background information.

For a retrospective of the Cosby case, see The Prior Bad Acts Of Gloria Allred on the Timeline.


Selective Cases From The Above Video


June 21, 2010: In Orlando, Florida, teenager Samaria Renford claims to have been raped after wrecking her boyfriend’s car. She says she was attacked by three masked men. The following day she admits she made it all up. See the video from fifty minutes.

Samaria Renford alias Alecia Shamar Williams alias Samaria R. Williams alias Samaria Rachelle Williams was born April 19, 1992. She was later convicted of grand theft. On June 22, 2017, she received a community sentence of 18 months.

August 13, 2010: Ohio woman Melinda Denham is allegedly raped twice by former lover Shannon Hudson. He spent two months behind bars before she came clean. On April 13, 2011, Denham is sentenced to six months in prison. See the video at around 6 minutes 25 seconds.

Here is a more detailed video report. Note yet again the narrative – a) it was his fault; b) false reports are extremely rare.

January 19, 2011: In Indiana, student Jessica De La Vega claims to have been kidnapped from Goshen College at knifepoint and raped in a nearby park. The teenage single mother had apparently missed her curfew or something of that nature, and had been a having consensual sex with a friend. In September 2011, she is given a non-custodial sentence by Judge David Bonfiglio. See the video from twenty-one and a half minutes.

April 10, 2011: In California, with the help of a friend, prison psychologist Laurie Ann Martinez stages an elaborate false rape hoax at her home. This is the case that made a female news anchor laugh. See the video from just after thirty minutes.

In January 2012, when Martinez appears in court she is given a non-custodial sentence. Her real punishment lay elsewhere: her husband divorces her, and she is fired by the California prison authorities. Nicole Snyder, the friend she suckered in, escaped with a misdemeanor NO CONTEST plea.

June 3, 2012: In Pennsylvania, teenager Katelyn Webster is allegedly raped by Matthew Folino – aggravated rape. The story was a complete fabrication; Folino had dated her but decided she wasn’t for him. See the video from around 8 minutes 40 seconds. The transcript of the judgment in her failed appeal against sentence contains a lot more detail.

August 21, 2014: An unidentified woman claims to have been raped at Normandy Shores in Florida. It was the black guy, the one who wasn’t there. The area is locked down. See the video at around twenty-eight and a half minutes. At 8.50 the same night, WFTV9abc reported on its website that an unnamed woman had been taken (ie arrested) under the Baker Act; this is Florida legislation relating to mental health assessment. I could find no further mention of this case so presumably this was put down to the usual mental health issues.

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