Johnathan Montgomery and Elizabeth Paige Coast


October 2007: This is a widely reported story from Hampton, Virginia. The fourteen year old Elizabeth Coast is caught by her mother viewing pornography, so she tells her this was because she had been violated by Montgomery when he was 14 and she was just 10. As any girl would do. Not.

Montgomery is tried by a judge sitting without a jury. It lasts a single day! On June 23, 2008, Elizabeth Coast takes the stand and repeats her lies. Montgomery is convicted but sentencing is delayed until April 10, 2009 when he is given 45 years with 37 years 6 months suspended.

Eventually the guilt catches up with his accuser, and she ADMITS SHE LIED. Montgomery is pardoned November 12, 2012. In May 2013, Elizabeth Coast pleads guilty to perjury and is sentenced to 5 years all but 2 months of it suspended, which she must serve at weekends! She is also ordered to pay Montgomery $90,000 restitution for the four years he spent behind bars.

MRAs have made a lot of capital out of this story, but rather than being a thoroughly evil woman, this child invented a lie which mushroomed out of control. She did though come clean in the end.

You can read the full background here. See also this video from just after seventeen and a half minutes.

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