Harvey Proctor and Operation Midland

On August 25, 2015, Harvey Proctor holds a well attended press conference in Central London during which he explains how he was accused of participating in the rape, torture and murder of underage boys by a nutter, and how the police took this seriously. This was part of the ludicrous Operation Midland. Others who were accused of belonging to this mythical VIP paedophile ring included Edward Heath. Heath became Leader of the Conservative Party in 1965, served as Prime Minister from June 1970 to the beginning of March 1974, and until his death in 2005 never went anywhere without an armed bodyguard. He was roped into this nonsense because he never married and was widely (and erroneously) believed to be homosexual. Proctor’s accuser was known only as Nick, and these mythical offences took place between 1975 and 1984.

I received this press release from New Scotland Yard. A hundred years from now, people will laugh at this. Heck, some of us are laughing already.

Proctor published his autobiography in March 2016; here is a page from it, one that relates to this absurd witch-hunt. It is easy to laugh at this now, but Proctor was lucky he was accused of torturing, raping and murdering boys rather than simply indecently assaulting them, when he might well have been charged, tried and convicted.

In November 2006, this heavily redacted document was released, and this one, the grandly titled ...Independent Review... into Operation Midland by Sir Richard Henriques. Although the latter is dated October 31, 2016, it does not appear to have been released immediately. If the powers-that-be had their way, they would not have released it at all. This is only the part that is considered suitable for public consumption.

This is a short clip from Harvey Proctor’s press conference. He is talking here about his relationship with Edward Heath. It was well known before this insanity that the two men did not like each other, to put it mildly. Having said that, his opinion of Heath is unfair; whatever one thinks of Heath’s politics he had an extraordinary record of service clocking up over half a century in Parliament. He was no intellectual pygmy either and was an accomplished musician who had he so chosen could have carved out a career in that field instead of politics. That aside, listen to what Proctor says about Heath’s lifestyle. If he had indeed been buggering, torturing and murdering boys at his London home, for how long would that have gone unnoticed?

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