PENNY BOUDREAU — Monster Mother

January 27, 2008: In Nova Scotia, Penny Boudreau murders her daughter Karissa.

If Karla Homolka is rightly Canadaís most hated woman, this monster canít be far behind.

Karissa was 12 years old, and Boudreau viewed her as a barrier to her love life, so she murdered her. Unreal, but the earlier murderess Susan Smith who killed her two young sons, and the later Casey Anthony who murdered her young daughter (and got away with it) are cut from the same cloth.

The police tricked Boudreau into confessing, and she was charged with first degree murder, but incredibly this was reduced to second degree murder, and even more incredibly, she was allowed out of prison on escorted leave in 2018.

If you are wondering why she is included in this database, take a gander at this short clip from the Crime Beat documentary episode Up With The Angels, and marvel at her depravity.

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