In 1981, there were 34 rapes in South Wales. And every single one resulted in a conviction. There were also 45 (admitted) false allegations of rape!

Truly amazing. Or is it?

The article below was published in the Daily Mirror, April 23, 1982, page 6; its source is John Woodcock.

The documentary alluded to herein is A Complaint Of Rape, details of which can be found on this page.

Note the icy comment of Judit Kertesz from Women Against Rape.

Sir John Woodcock (1932-2012) was Chief Constable of South Wales from 1979-83. In 1990, he was appointed Chief Inspector of Constabulary, holding the post until his retirement in 1993. In that capacity in 1991 he commented on the then Satanic ritual abuse garbage that was being peddled by the NSPCC. He said there was no evidence for it.

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