BRITTANY NORWOOD — The Murder Of Jayna Murray

March 11, 2011: At Bethesda, Maryland, Jayna Murray is murdered by Brittany Norwood.

This is one of the most astounding and arguably most sickening, false rape allegations in this database. It is unique in the sense that it is the only such case in which the perpetrator faked not only her own rape but the rape of her victim.

Although it is not well known, the Lululemon Murder has been the subject of several documentaries including the short Brittany Norwood from the series Snapped, and Dmitry Ruvin from the series Price Of Duty.

This latter is viewed largely through the eyes of the lead detective on the case.

I found Dmitry Ruvin on YouTube but here it is at the Internet Archive.

And here is an alternative link.

And here is the judgment in Norwood’s frivolous appeal.

If this one doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will.

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