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May 17, 2017: Businessman David Pattinson meets a woman in a London bar.

This is not an allegation or rape, of attempted rape, or of...anything much. It is included here to show just how absurd the so-called criminal justice system in the UK has become.

What really pisses me off about this case is that over the past few years I have found a number of cases in which women have made credible allegations of rape which have not been pursued. By that I mean they reported promptly and there was physical evidence. None of those cases have been included in this database.

This guy was accused of, but let him tell you himself.

Here he is.

And here is an alternative link for the same video.

See what I mean?

Now a few dates and a bit of comment:

Little Miss Anonymous filed her complaint on July 6, 2017.

He attended the police station on July 26, 2017.

The trial commenced April 9, 2019.

The first question any police officer with half a brain would have asked her is: Why did you wait so long before reporting this phantom crime?

No, it was not because she was too traumatised to come forward at once. The real reason is obvious. On February 14, 1999, the Sunday Times reported that in urban areas, UK denizens are captured on around 300 CCTV cameras daily. Nearly two decades on, the price of surveillance has plummeted, and most people are walking around with smartphones in their pockets.

Clearly this woman decided to wait until it was likely CCTV footage from the night had been deleted, and in fact this was the case, although enough of it survived to expose her lies.

One is entitled to ask what would have been the outcome had he been convicted, or taken the easy way out by pleading guilty to the common assault. Would she have given a victim impact statement explaining how her life had been ruined? And what kind of sentence would any sensible judge have passed in the event of the former? Totally unreal.

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