CAROL DaRONCH AND LINDA SCHLUETER — Two Genuine Victims Who Fought Back

November 8, 1974: In Utah, the unwitting Carol DaRonch is kidnapped by serial killer Ted Bundy.

November 9/10, 1996: At Bastrop, Texas, late at night, motorist Linda Schlueter gives Rodney Reed a lift.

Re the above, neither of these victims was raped, but they have been included here to show the stark contrast between genuine survivors and some of the airhead women who claim to have just froze when attacked and raped.

Yes, no two cases are the same, but as ever, empty vessels make most noise. Linda was only 19 when she was attacked, and Carol was just 18.

The DaRonch case is well known, and the case of her notorious attacker has been the subject of both reams of ink and light years of celluloid. Although she was not the only woman to survive Ted Bundy, she was the only one to fight back and escape relatively unscathed.

This short clip from the 2002 film Bundy is a fairly realistic depiction of what actually happened, certainly of her struggle to survive. Here she is decades later talking about the worst minutes of her life.

Although there is video of Linda Schlueter describing the night she was nearly raped and almost certainly murdered, this audio file is the most extensive I could find. It was uploaded to YouTube by KVUE on November 6, 2019. I have edited it down to exclude the blatant lies of Rodney Reed’s brother.

The above recording was made two decades after Reed attacked Linda, and we have only her word that the incident happened like this, but we have no reason to doubt the substance of what she said. A lesser woman would probably have been overpowered, and very likely murdered. What is ironic is that after Reed drove off in her vehicle she flagged down a car full of black men who declined to give her a ride, probably afraid this was some crazy white girl who would accuse them of gang-raping her.

At the risk of being accused of victim-blaming, I would venture to suggest that Linda shouldn’t have been so kind-hearted. But if she hadn’t offered Reed a ride, he might not have been caught and gone on to commit another murder.

Reed’s claim was: “It wasn’t me.” But after being presented with DNA evidence that he’d had sex with the victim, he changed his story. It was consensual, he finally admitted, but because he’s black and she’s white, he had to keep a low profile. The races ain’t supposed to mix in small town Texas, you see.

This was Wichita Falls in 1987, not Bastrop nine years later, when he would make the same claim about Stacey Stites. He was tried for and acquitted of the Wichita Falls rape, in spite of beating the victim.

Notice what Linda said about her conversation with Reed. What do you want from me, she asked, and he told her oral sex - in the vernacular - to which she replied he’d have to kill her first. That’s the spirit!

Linda wasn’t the first girl Reed had asked for oral sex; the previous one, perhaps only one of the previous ones, was 12 years old. When she refused, he sodomised her instead.

Three years after Linda’s ordeal, when murderer/serial rapist Dale Devon Scheanette broke into the home of Chima Benson (now better known as Chima Simone) and demanded oral sex from her. Chima gave it to him. And bit him so hard that the resulting injury was still visible when he was arrested. He beat Chima viciously, but she lived to see him die by lethal injection.

Real victims almost always fight back. Unless they are too incapacitated by self-administered alcohol to even realise they are being raped.

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