Ke$ha Needs A Doctor

October 14, 2014: The American singer-songwriter Kesha Sebert accuses her producer Lukasz Gottwald of repeatedly drugging and raping her.

This article is one of the first if not the very first that covers these scandalous allegations against the music mogul known as Dr Luke.

This is her writ (which was actually included in the linked Hollywood Reporter article); the reader will see it is dated October 13, 2014 at the bottom. Obviously these allegations were in the pipeline for a long time, but October 14, 2014 is the day they went public.

Here is another article, from the New York Daily News.

Like the man said, if the allegation is made publicly before or without the filing of a police report, it is false, as clearly this one is. And if you are still not convinced, here it is straight from the cow’s mouth. And her mother’s!

These two articles - by Canadian Libertarian Lauren Southern and the barrister Barbara Hewson - supply both some background and intelligent comment.

In June 2018, what little credibility she had was seriously undermined when it was revealed she had also accused Dr Luke of raping singer-songwriter Katy Perry!

While like many recording artists, Kesha Sebert obviously views her management as a parasite feeding off her unique talents, the question should be asked, what would she have achieved without Dr Luke investing time and money in her?


In February 2020, New York judge Jennifer G. Schecter delivered this 32 page judgment in Gottwald v Sebert. It was uploaded to

In 2017, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift donated a quarter of a million dollars towards her legal expenses. $373,671.88 minus $250,000 leaves Miss Sebert substantially out of pocket.

This article was published February 9, 2020 in the wake of the above judgment. Like every other external link on this site it has been archived by the WayBack Machine should the original ever disappear.

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