January 9/10, 2009: In the Irish Republic, a woman is allegedly sexually violated by her (now former) boyfriend. At his trial she admits to sending him sinister messages before the alleged attack. He was cleared of rape but convicted of lesser offences. Although this was a false allegation, it is clear from this report of his conviction that the guy was ASKING FOR IT.

[A note here: as will be seen from this archived link (after the reference to Karen Farmer), I had not intended to include this case in this database originally. The reason why speaks for itself, but just for the record, some people really do ask for it big time, (that includes women as well as men, and is not necessarily related to sex). It was entered on the timeline on January 5, 2018, and I realised the error, if it can be called that, on April 4 the same year. Rather than remove it, I decided to leave it. I must stress again that a case resulting in a not guilty verdict is not enough to warrant inclusion here. In March 2018, shortly before this page was added, four professional rugby players were unanimously acquitted at Belfast Crown Court of rape in a case that drew massive publicity (and protests afterwards). While I accept that verdict, that case will most definitely not be included here either. Not ever].

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