July 29-30, 2007: According to the stunningly attractive but toxic Lacey Carroll, she is raped by celebrity magician David Copperfield on his private island in the Bahamas. The FBI spends two years investigating this non-rape, and eventually no charges are filed against Copperfield. On July 29, 2009, Carroll brings a civil suit against him, then drops it. He felt so strongly about this false allegation that he set up a website about it.

DavidCopperfieldSetsTheRecordStraight Dot Com appears to consist of a single page, but there are links to other articles.

Lacey Carroll went on to falsely accuse another man of rape after he refused to pay her a 4 figure sum for her services. It is possible she is a serial false accuser, and quite likely she has succeeded in extorting money from other men who didnít call her bluff.

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