October 5, 2013: Luke Entwistle picks up a woman in a bar, has sex with her in the grounds of Bolton Parish Church, then walks off with her handbag and mobile phone. No wonder she accused him of rape. What a scumbag.

He is due to stand trial at Bolton Crown Court, but the case is dismissed after the jury is sworn in. New information appears to have come to light, but if ever a woman can be forgiven for filing a false rape allegation, it is this one.

This is how the story was reported at the time. My apologies for the layout but not for the text.

Nearly two years after the crime, he is given a sympathetic write-up in the same paper; like the article at the previous link, this is a simplified page from theboltonnews dot co dot uk.

So, married Entwistle picked up and shagged a married woman. He took her phone home by mistake, so had to plead guilty. No, he didnít, and he could have handed it in. And if you compare the two articles you will notice that in the first he has a girlfriend while in the second he has fallen out with his wife. Did he fall out with his wife because of this girlfriend, did the journalist make a mistake, or is it simply that nothing this guy says is worthy of belief?

In his interview, he says he was diagnosed with alopecia; it looks to me like he had a haircut.

File this louse under ASKING FOR IT. And ladies, if you allow yourself to be sweet-talked into dropping your knickers for a bloke like this, so are you.

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