January 18, 2011: Harvard Law School student Kamilah Willingham accuses fellow student Brandon Winston of drugging and raping her. Or perhaps that should be KamiLIAR! Willingham is one of the airheads who appeared in the propaganda film The Hunting Ground. Winston and his legal team have set up a dedicated website to tell the truth about what really happened and didnít happen in the small hours of January 15, 2011.

One curious fact that although often mentioned en passant is never given serious weight. Willingham admits openly not simply to snorting cocaine that night but to supplying it to her friends, an offence that like rape can attract serious prison time in the United States, and not the sort of thing any genuinely nice girl should do, much less a Harvard law student!

My friend Leroy is not a great fan of Kamilah, but he does like the limerick I wrote for her.

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