ALICIA WADE — a father falsely accused

May 9, 1989: In San Diego, Alicia Wade is taken to hospital after complaining of abdominal pain.

This is a horror story because it concerns the actual rape of a child and the fanaticism of so-called Child Protective Services who were intent on proving her father was responsible, totally ignoring their usual mantra of “believe the children”.

Alicia Wade was 8 years old when a man broke into her bedroom and raped her. She told her parents she was experiencing pain lower down, and was taken to a San Diego hospital where she was immediately diagnosed as the victim of a gross sexual violation. When she was asked about her condition, the girl gave a detailed description of her attacker, but nobody who mattered would believe her.

After her parents had been put through Hell, as detailed here (from page 4), James Wade was finally cleared of raping his own daughter. Convicted sex offender Alan Carder was eventually identified as the monster who did this.

In May 1995, James Wade testified before the US Senate. The story he told of the state abuse of power and outright lies including by an airhead so-called therapist was horrific. I have reformatted this document and corrected a few typographical errors.

One can only imagine what would have been the outcome if this case had happened a few years earlier, before the advent of DNA profiling.

As in the 2007 Wendrow case, none of these morons seems to have asked a rather obvious question, namely, if this guy had violated his own daughter, why did he take her to be medically examined?

File under FALSE AND TRUE.

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