A Complaint Of Rape


July 31, 2015: A Spanish teenager in Bedford claims to have been raped.

This blatantly false allegation was the subject of a TV documentary that was screened June 15, 2016. The title was taken deliberately from the controversial January 1982 documentary. Unusually the non-victim was identified, albeit only by her first name, while the real victim was not.

Bedford Police gave me the date of the incident, and confirmed too the date of the arrest – August 2, 2015 – but I did not press them for details and did not need to. Here is a clip from the documentary, and here is an archived version of the full video.

It is clear that superficially this was a bona fide report, a girl who barely spoke English claimed to have been coerced into going back to an hotel with a man she had just met, whereupon she was raped. Furthermore, she had some bruising and was said to have bled from the anus. In retrospect though it is clear this bruising was very likely self-inflicted, as for the anal bleeding, this is something that is not necessarily related to sex; there is a wide variety of causes, some of them serious, some not so. In any case, she did not claim to have been anally raped, although if you watch the full documentary you will see what she and he claimed did happen.

This was clearly a sordid encounter, but it soon became clear that was all it was. There was no suggestion by either party that money had changed hands, but the CCTV showed clearly that this girl had gone with a man of around twice her age, willingly, and had had sex with him willingly.

When the police found another witness whom they hoped would bolster their case, the man concerned – a German whose English was even worse than that of Alba – backed up the accused’s version of events, which was that after drinking nine pints of beer, he was unable to perform. This appears to have been what made Alba angry, and led to her shouting in the hotel, the shouts of an angry woman rather than a frightened one. The fact that he was drunk and she was not also raises the amusing issue of consent; was he too drunk to consent and should she have been charged with sexual assault instead? Also, however poor her English, he said she offered him a “blowjob”, a claim she does not appear to have refuted. This suggests that Alba was not quite the little innocent she would have Bedford Police and the world believe.

Nevertheless, she did her best to play the distressed damsel, even returning from Spain to assist further with the investigation, and when she was told no action would be taken against him, she became tearful.

Incredibly one of the detectives on the case, a woman, said they always believed “the victim”, and the refusal of the CPS to charge meant only there was not enough evidence. Her male colleague who delivered Alba the news was also clearly of the same frame of mind. Talk about self-delusion. At the end of the documentary the viewer was shown the usual lying statistics with the implication this was a rapist who had gotten away rather with it than a drunk who had made a fool of himself and nearly paid a heavy price.

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