EMMA SULKOWICZ — rape as performance art

August 27, 2012: Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz has sex with fellow student Paul Nungesser, this was the last though not the first time they would have sex. They remain friends. Eight months later, she accuses him of rape. She says she did so only because she had spoken to two more of his victims, but the truth is that for whatever reason, she recruited two of her friends to bolster her lies. On May 14, 2013, she filed a police report, which she would shortly withdraw, probably because by this time it was clear her story would not hold up and she would risk being charged with false reporting. The drama played out internally at the university, with Sulkowicz humping a mattress everywhere she went around the campus, including to her graduation. Mattress Girl would eventually produce and star in a disgusting porn video which was meant to recreate her phantom rape, an act that left detractors and supporters alike speechless.

Sadly, it didn’t stop there. While Nungesser went on to lose two anti-discrimination lawsuits, his tormentor went on to, well, take a gander at this Daily Mail article (which includes comments). It takes a lot to shock me, but she has. Notice how the article refers to her as a rape victim. Writing in the National Review, May 26, 2017, Kyle Smith made a less sympathetic and undoubtedly accurate assessment of what is really going on here. His article The Pathetic Journey of ‘Mattress Girl’ Emma Sulkowicz states what you don’t need him or me to tell you, worried that her fifteen minutes of fame is over, she is striving desperately to keep herself in the public eye, and in this pursuit like Oscar Wilde she has found fleeting fame followed by lasting notoriety.

In 2017, it was reported that Nungesser had won his latest lawsuit, or at least obtained a satisfactory settlement with Columbia University.

This legal document gives the full background to the case (according to Nungesser). If he is to be believed - and he is a far more credible witness than Mattress Girl - he was not the first person she had accused of rape. Emma was also a slut who had engaged in anal sex with other men (plural) previously. Vaginal sex followed by anal sex is bad enough, but vaginal followed by anal followed by oral? Sometimes I think my wasted youth was not so wasted after all.

Finally, the article below is from The Brown Daily Herald; it was published April 19, 2015 after Sulkowicz was invited to speak to the students. The same article appeared on page 6 of the print edition the following day.

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