April 11, 2014: The Cosmopolitan website publishes To Get an Abortion in Brazil, I Lied and Said I Was Raped; I presume the story was published in the actual magazine too but I haven’t read it for years, and don’t intend to.

Although credited to Jill Filipovic and Ana Siedschlag, it purports to tell the story of a woman alluded to only as Juliana, and relates to events from 2013. We have no actual proof that this woman even exists, but the story has the ring of truth. If claiming to have been raped is either the only or one of the few legal ways a pregnant woman can get rid of an unwanted baby, then many will tell such a lie, and it is silly to pretend otherwise.

In this story, we are told that not only did she lie about being raped to get an abortion but when she was 16 she really was raped after being drugged at a party, although she stops short of accusing Bill Cosby. Pathetic.

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