KATO HARRIS — falsely accused schoolmaster

December 2014: An unnamed schoolgirl tells her housemistress she was raped three times at her old school by a teacher. She had hinted at this since at least October 15, 2014. This widely reported story sees a senior schoolteacher at a private school in Camden, North London, facing trial for these imaginary 2013 rapes. Kato Harris is cleared in just 26 minutes at Isleworth Crown Court. It is generally agreed that the alleged rapes were impossible because of the codes in practice at the school at the time. (Finally, teachers are beginning to wise up).

After his trial, the victim parrots the usual spiel: “It is my wish that this extraordinary case does not deter people who have been victims of sexual assault from coming forward in the future.”

As might be expected, he wasn’t feeling quite so philosophical after he’d had time to reflect on his ordeal, as can be seen from this later article.

On May 11, 2017, talkRADIO broadcast an extensive interview with Kato Harris by Julia Hartley-Brewer. Here it is, all 42+ minutes of it.

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