The Hollie Greig Campaign

Summer 2000 onwards: If you have heard of the Hollie Greig campaign only from the alternative media, you have almost certainly been lied to. Hollie Greig is a Mongol and her mother is an imbecile. It started when Hollie told her mother Anne Greig that she had been sexually abused by father. At least, that was the story Anne told. To cut a long story short, her father was supposed to have shared or hired out his daughter to a paedophile ring. The police were called in to investigate, no credible evidence was found, and the circle of abusers widened until it included not only police officers but the high and mighty of the legal establishment in Scotland. Including people who didnít exist!

An idiot named Robert Green entered the fray, and the fantasy was promoted by among others the mischief-maker Belinda McKenzie (who would later become involved with the Hampstead Satanic abuse hoax). Green sounds extremely plausible, but he never did any research at all - these people seldom do. The story has spread not only all over the UK but to the far corners of the Earth.

Hollie was not the only child who was allegedly raped by this mythical abuse network. The root cause of the problem appears to be Anne Greig who was clearly off her trolley. She was also just as clearly coaching her daughter.

Eventually the authorities decided to do something to stop the lies that were tainting the lives of so many innocent people - ordinary people as well as the grand conspirators themselves. When Robert Green overstepped the mark he found himself in court and then behind bars. Twice. The first time in 2012. To the true believers, this is proof positive of the power of the conspirators, and no amount of evidence will ever convince them otherwise.

Above: Spot the Mongol: Robert Green with Hollie Greig and her deranged mother.

Endnote: George Robert Green died in April 2019 after a short illness. Strangely he was alluded to by his brother Brian as a great man. And would you believe some idiot actually nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize?

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