Lori McLuckie

Circa early February 1989: Outsider Lori McLuckie is a really sad case, although far from physically unattractive she said she had never had a boyfriend at school. On relocating to Denver she forms a relationship with a homeless man who has a drink problem. He beats her, and, she claims, rapes her. This claim was almost certainly true. Escaping from his clutches, she runs to a neighbour, an older man who is possibly her only true friend; he has a paternal interest in her, and makes her call the police.

Her assailant stands trial including for rape, but because of her bland, emotionless performance on the witness stand, he is acquitted of all charges. She contacts a man with whom she’d had a fling while at college. He comes to Denver to see her, but when she falls pregnant he tells her he does not want a child, and deserts her.

Lori goes on to form another relationship with one of life’s losers, and for some unfathomable reason, murders him in gruesome fashion, dismembering his body. On May 27, 1988, the police find what is left of Andrew Vigil in her apartment. Her trial starts on January 30, 1989; she testifies that he had raped her. That claim was undoubtedly false. She is convicted, and of course her baby is taken away from her as soon as he is born, prior to her trial. A very sad case indeed.

Below is the review I wrote of a documentary about her.

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