September 2007: Taxi driver Mohammed Taj takes pity on Shabnam Masood when she flags down his vehicle and tells him she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. She claims too to be homeless and hungry, so he takes her to an hotel - as you would do - then obviously forgetting what the Qur’an says, succumbs to her temptations. The following day she phones the police telling them she had been kidnapped and raped by two men. She had intended to blackmail him. On February 20, 2009 she is given a six month sentence at Bradford Crown Court by Judge Roger Scott, but listen to this piffle from Barbara Siedlecki of Surviving Trauma After Rape:

“A malicious false allegation is very detrimental and I think it stops people coming forward.
If people are reading that these allegations are false and someone gets six months, it leads them not to report any incidents.”

On the other hand, if she’d been given a five year sentence, women like her might be deterred from making false allegations, especially against GOOD SAMARITANS.

[For the avoidance of doubt, the Mohammed Taj alluded to above is not to be confused with another man of the same name who was convicted at Bradford Crown Court of sex offences in July 2009].

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