DONALD TRUMP — Jill Harth and other lying hags


April 25, 1997: Jill Harth files a lawsuit against Donald Trump in a New York district court.

Harth did not accuse him of actual rape, but I thought I would use this to counter all the allegations made against Trump by twisted, mentally deranged or simply attention-seeking females. For what it is worth, here is Harth’s writ; I found this documentation on Scribd dot com in separate files. If it seems disjointed, that is because of the way it was written, not the way I assembled it.

Long before he seriously considered running for the Presidency, Trump was a powerful man in his own right. As an alpha male and billionaire playboy, it would be surprising if he did not attract some false allegations from women, men, conspiracy cranks and the usual suspects. In 1980, John Lennon was murdered by a fan. Even if Trump had not been an at times controversial figure, he would have been at risk from character assassination if not outright assassination. It comes with the territory.

A number of women have accused him of everything from sexual harassment to outright rape. In April 2016, a woman using the name Katie Johnson filed a lawsuit against Trump claiming he had raped her at the age of 13. This suit was withdrawn later in the year; more significantly, like Harth and other Trump false accusers, Johnson was represented by Lisa Bloom, the daughter of an even more disreputable attorney, Gloria Allred. Allred claims to have been raped herself as a young woman, and to have undergone an illegal abortion that nearly killed her. The second part of that claim is true; the first, maybe, maybe not.

During the 2016 Presidential race, Trump’s Republican enemies leaked a decade old tape of him making crass remarks about feeling up women. This has been represented by much of the American media as him boasting of sexually assaulting women, but if you listen to what he actually says, it is something different. He was simply acknowledging that men like him attract a certain type of woman: the power groupie. Women like this are more than happy to be groped by their targets, whether or not they receive anything tangible in return. Of course, some of them do.

After this tape was leaked, a gaggle of demented females came forward claiming they too had been sexually assaulted by Trump years or decades earlier. All such claims are unworthy of belief, not simply because they were not made at the time but because like most billionaires, Trump can account for his movements 24/7, year in, year out. One of these false accusers claimed he’d groped her in the first class section of a plane in the 1980s. Another woman who according to her cousin had sung Trump’s praises for almost a decade, accused him of groping her nearly a decade earlier, in 2007. She was represented by Gloria Allred, and turned on the waterworks at a press conference in October 2016.

The above claims about Trump are not dissimilar to claims made about many such men, be they powerful in their own right or ex officio. On rare occasions, an allegation may be true. In June 2008, billionaire philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein received an 18 month sentence for soliciting prostitution from underage girls. He served thirteen months. By all accounts these girls were well rewarded for their services rather than being dragged off the street and raped. That does not of course excuse what he did, but he has since become a magnet for false allegations. Trump knew Epstein, as did Bill Clinton, whose name appears several times in this database, so no one should be surprised to see their names juxtaposed with his in some fiendish conspiracy of international sex slavery or worse.

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