Alison Welfare — one of the most outrageous rape fabrications ever


August 31, 2002: Alison Welfare is found in the restroom of a South London fast food restaurant in a distressed state. As both the false accuser and the victim were deaf, there must surely be a joke here about him not hearing her say no, but when Welfare framed former lover Christopher Wheeler for rape, it was no laughing matter, indeed, this is one of the most cold, calculated and planned false rape allegations documented here, and is all the worst for targeting one individual with the intent of destroying him.

She began setting up the fix by visiting the police ten days before the phantom attack when she told them Wheeler had been harassing her. Then she sent herself menacing text messages! Finally, she was found in the toilet of a Peckham fast food restaurant, bound, gagged, covered in paint, and with her clothes torn. Dazed and distressed, she was taken to hospital. This was, she said, the work of two men.

On September 6, 2002, Christopher Wheeler was arrested; charged with rape, conspiracy to rape, kidnap, making threats to kill, and harassment, he was remanded in custody. He was released on November 6, 2002. When the police got round to checking the CCTV, they saw Welfare walking into the toilet alone!

At Blackfriars Crown Court on August 13, 2003, Welfare was sentenced to a mere 12 months behind bars after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice. But for the CCTV evidence, who would have believed Wheeler was innocent? File this evil cunt under DEDICATED FABRICATION.

The article below is from my local rag the News Shopper (Beckenham & Penge edition), page 9.


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