1999: Rape Myth Acceptance: Exploration of Its Structure and Its Measurement Using the “Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale” by Diana L. Payne, Kimberly A. Lonsway, and Louise F. Fitzgerald is published.

The above article from an academic journal is yet another to actually perpetuate rape myths while claiming the opposite. How about this doozy from page 28? - the publication’s page number.

“The Schwendingers discussed several common myths which state that rape is impossible without the consent of the victim...”

If she consents she is a) not a victim and b) has not been raped.

On pages 30-31 we are told: “common rape myths suggest that women routinely lie about rape and that only ‘certain kinds of women’ are victimized.”

The reality is that many women do lie about rape. The vast majority of women who claim rape or sexual abuse during ASYLUM APPLICATIONS are simply lying. False allegations of rape, sexual abuse and physical abuse have become routine in contested divorce/custody cases - see for example the November 19, 1993 documentary Divorce’s Deadliest Weapon (above).

As for the claim that only certain kinds of women are targeted, it would be more accurate to say that some types of women are targeted more than others; the word vulnerable springs to mind in its proper context. A drunken, slightly built woman is more likely to be targeted than a lady bodybuilder who looks the part, is she not?

Here is an updated rape myth scale from 2011.

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