“The Scope Of Rape” — Analysis

April 1987: The Scope Of Rape... is published by Mary Koss et al.

It is truly amazing anyone would take this piece of thinly veiled feminist propaganda as research. It has been torn to shreds by many people, but here are a few comments by Yours Truly.

The survey subjects were 6,159 women and men from 32 institutions - ie universities. This is not a large sample, so to extrapolate from it to the entire population contains some heavy caveats. Women who attend universities are supposed to be more intelligent than the general population, but as the incidence of reported and mostly spurious campus rape shows, they are also among the most brainwashed.

The survey was anonymous, and when people are not required to put their names to answers, they will often give very different ones to say when they are under oath.

The first five questions cover attempted rape; the last five, actual rape, but look at the way they are phrased:

Have you given in to sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to because you were overwhelmed by a man’s continual arguments and pressure?

What does pressure mean? Leaving that aside, this is blurring the distinction between consent and enthusiasm. If a man wants to go to Spain next holiday and his wife wants to go the France, can his winning her round by rational argument, appeals to emotion or even sulking be described as pressure? Of course, but even obnoxious male behaviour can fall a long way short of rape.

Have you had sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to because a man gave you alcohol or drugs?


Simply removing these two bogus questions totally invalidates this so-called survey, but curiously there is one question Koss and her collaborators should have asked but did not, namely:

Has a man ever forced himself upon you when you told him emphatically “No!”

It is impossible to consider this research to be anything but inherently dishonest, but that is par for the course for the sisterhood.

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