KIM GALBRAITH — all right, it was me, but he deserved it

January 13, 1999: At Argyll, Kim Galbraith murders her husband, shooting him in the head then burning the house down. Guess what she claimed? That’s right, not only was she sexually abused by her husband but she was raped by one of the imaginary intruders. And you know of course what Laura Aitken of Scottish Women’s Aid said. She was convicted and given a life sentence. Sadly, she won an appeal using the chimera of mental illness. A retrial was ordered, she pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to culpable homicide by the legal fiction of diminished responsibility, and in May 2002 was given a ten year sentence.

At that point she was told by Lady Smith: “Your plea of culpable homicide has been accepted on the basis that you were of an abnormal mental condition and preoccupied that you were being sexually abused by your husband, of which there is no objective evidence.”

Why do you think that was?

The article below appeared on page 9 of the May 27, 1999 ABERDEEN EDITION. As ever, my apologies for the poor quality of the scan, which was beyond my control, but note the allegation that she had also attempted to murder her husband in November 1998.

File this little monster under PRETEXT FOR MURDER.

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