August 9, 2011: A young woman claims to have been raped in woodland at Ipswich early in the morning, but ten days later it is reported that no such attack had happened. All the same, Detective Inspector Stuart Sowerby feels obliged to deliver the de rigueur homily about protecting the public from phantom attackers:

“While this particular incident has turned out to be a false claim, we want to reassure members of the public that anyone reporting a rape or sexual assault in Suffolk will receive a full level of support from specially trained officers.

They will have access to specialist facilities at Suffolk’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre and the incident will be investigated by Suffolk’s Gemini Team – detectives dedicated to investigating serious sexual offences.

Suffolk Constabulary is committed to providing a high-quality service to victims of this type of crime where it can be even more difficult to come forward and report what has happened [even if it hasn’t!]”

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