NORMA PATRICIA ESPARZA — From Toxic Tempress To Professing Professor


April 16, 1995: The body of Gonzalo Ramirez is found by the side of the road at Irvine, California. He had apparently been killed with a meat cleaver.

In July 2016, justice catches up with the woman behind the murder, after a fashion, when Patricia Esparza receives a mere six year sentence. By that time she was a professor of psychology in Europe, but in 1995 she was a 20 year old student. She claimed Ramirez had raped her, then she recruited a posse to murder him.

Don’t let this woman fool you, she is an arch-manipulator. She claims to have been sexually abused by her own father when she was a child; she was coerced into marrying the man who actually killed Mr Ramirez, in short, everyone is at fault except her.

Caroline Heldman of Occidental College, one of the founders of End Rape On Campus said hers was “a classic story of institutional betrayal.” By prosecuting her, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office “is sending a chilling message to survivors that they will not be believed.”

Well, her co-conspirators believed her, and look at what it did for them: Gianni Van got life without parole. Another committed suicide in a stand-off with police. Esparza has told so many lies that her rape claims are unworthy of belief. Reading between the lines, she had sex behind her boyfriend’s back then made up the rape story; why else would she have invited the victim back to her room? Indeed, this is more than mere innuendo.

Patricia Esparza was the subject of a Dateline documentary, The Secret was screened May 15, 2015. Herein, the district attorney who prosecuted her commented on the airheads who were protesting her innocence as a survivor of rape; they haven’t read one word of the evidence against her, he said. There is something else they have not read but it wouldn’t trouble them if they did. Esparza claims she reported her phantom rape by Gonzalo Ramirez to a nurse at her college. The extant record shows something entirely different, namely a request for the morning after pill because she had engaged in unprotected sex.

Here are some comments from a YouTube channel; the video concerned was a rant by Nancy Grace who took this woman at face value. If you can excuse the grammatical errors, the first comment by a poster called kilahchris is very insightful. The video was posted September 16, 2014 and the screengrab was made January 9, 2017 – which gives you a timeline.

Finally, here is some analysis of the murder case from Frank Girardot and the well-known defense attorney Mike Cavalluzzi.

File this manipulative minx under REGRET SEX and PRETEXT FOR MURDER.

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